Présentation Générale

Le CEFAM est une école américaine implantée à Lyon. Elle propose des programmes double-diplômes avec des grandes universités américaines : Temple University (Philadelphie), Northeastern University (Boston), Siena College (NY State), Pace University (New York), Rider University (NJ) toutes accréditées AACSB.

Le programme Bachelor of Business Administration se déroule sur 3 ans en France et 1 an aux Etats-Unis et permet aux étudiants d’obtenir deux diplômes simultanément : un BBA délivré par une université américaine, accréditée AACSB et le Titre CEFAM*.

Le programme MBA se déroule en 2 ans soit une année en France et une année aux États-Unis.

* Enregistrement au RNCP paru au JO du 21/04/2017, Code NSF 310 m

Formations CEFAM

Diplôme BAC+4:

Détails sur la formation The BBA is the degree of reference in the United States for undergraduate programs. The modular program design and the practical experience gained in company internships give graduates many career choices and allow them to follow a truly personalized program when choosing their professional itinerary. Through the CEFAM program, students can spend their fourth and final year at one of our American partner universities. In the United States, students have access to many different majors, including: Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Management, Communication
Informations Générales
  • Type de diplôme: BAC+4
  • Domaine(s): Business , Management (Commerce Gestion Administration)
Conditions d'accès
  • Niveau(x) requis: Bac

Diplôme BAC+5:

Détails sur la formation This one year full-time program, specially designed for international students with a business background, will give them the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to reach management positions and pursue a global career. Students have to follow 10 courses, and prepare a thesis. Along with their business courses, they also will be taking one French course per semester, clearly improving their language skills as well, by the end of their degree. A 6 months internship period has to be done at the end of the academic curriculum.
Informations Générales
  • Type de diplôme: BAC+5
  • Domaine(s): Finance comptabilité, Marketing
Conditions d'accès
  • Niveau(x) requis: Bac+4

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